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Personal Injury

The personal injury lawyers you have fighting for you after you’ve been injured, or suffer a loss due to another’s negligence, greatly impacts your quality of life as well as your family’s.

Therefore, you need personal injury lawyers who are highly-skilled, experienced, and tenacious. But above all, you need lawyers who will offer you a fighting chance at justice, the opportunity to be treated with dignity and equality, and a relationship built on trust.

Will Inman has been practicing Law for more than 2 decades and is widely respected as one of the top Personal Injury attorneys in the Rockville, Frederick and D.C. areas. Will Inman has personally handled tens of thousands of injury claims, successfully resolving most of his clients’ claims through negotiation and settlement, as well as litigation and trial.

Mr. Inman has achieved this success through the use of his “Don’t Settle” Program a 21st Century, cutting-edge approach to dealing with any personal injury caused by another person’s negligence.

The key to the “Don’t Settle” Program is in it’s unyielding approach to dealing with insuranace companies in that, simply put, Will does not negotiate with them – if they do not agree to the amount you think is fair, then Will goes to trial. It’s as simple as that. Watch the “Don’t Settle” video for more details

Call Today if you’ve been involved in the following:

Automobile or trucking accident
Construction hazard
Slip or fall
Train wreck
Defective product
Police misconduct
Federal and state negligence
Some other circumstance…

Will inman is one of the most talented lawyers in Maryland. I have worked with him on several cases. Any client would be fortunate to have Will as counsel.

- Michael Taylor

Attorney, Law Offices of Michael A. Taylor

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