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Getting injured while playing, driving, or doing yard work is difficult and sometimes it changes your life.

But getting injured while at work is a whole other degree of difficulty because like it or not, there’s a relationship between you and your employer – and too often, they’ll use the relationship to their advantage.

When you’re involved in a workplace injury, the most important thing you can do is obtain your own legal counsel. This is because the workers’ compensation insurance company has a team of lawyers looking out for its best interest.

We offer a 21st Century, cutting-edge approach to dealing with workers’ compensation matters.

Very Professional and Amazing Staff

Mr. Inman was helping my case since 2007, was always there, went with me to court helped me in every way until the case was settled. Told me last time if I need anything he will always be there. Very professional amazing staff. Thank you for everything you done and always being there.

- Felicia Cook

Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling even the most challenging workers’ compensation claims throughout Maryland and DC,  and we will fight to obtain all the benefits and coverage you are entitled to under the law, such as:

  • Lifetime coverage for related medical bills and treatment
  • Lost wages while you are recovering
  • Coverage for any permanent injuries or disabilities
  • Prescriptions and medical supplies
  • Home modifications that are medically necessary
  • Lifetime cash benefits if your injuries render you totally disabled for life
  • Transportation expenses for travel to and from your medical appointments
  • Professional assistance in finding new employment if your injuries prevent you from returning to your former employment.

And, if you are the spouse or dependent of someone who has been killed on the job, please contact us immediately. You may be eligible for benefits.

You will not pay an attorney’s fee unless we obtain benefits for you, and even in that case, the fee will be limited by law to a percentage of the benefits obtained.


Facts & Fiction about Workers’ Compensation


My employer or their insurance company told me I have to use their doctor.

This is wrong. Under the law, you have the right to select your doctor.


Can’t I just use my Health Insurance?

Probably not. Most Health Insurance companies will require your doctor to bill the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company.


I don’t need a lawyer unless my injury is serious.

Wrong! There are serious time limits involved in filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim, and these deadlines vary based on the type of injury and jurisdiction. If you wait until you are certain your injury is serious, you may find you missed the deadline and you won’t be able to make a claim. Before it is too late, call an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer for detailed information about the deadlines that apply to your case. And remember, your initial consultation at Inman Kaminow, PC is always free.


I can’t afford a lawyer.

Yes you can. By law, your attorney will only be paid if he or she obtains cash benefits on your behalf. Lawyers’ fees are strictly limited and reviewed by the Commission prior to collection. If you do not get paid your lawyer does not get paid.

Workers’ Compensation cases can be very complicated. If you have been injured at work you should, at the very least, obtain a free consultation from an experienced attorney so you know your rights.

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