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Whether you have a bankruptcy or debt issue, have been injured by another party or on the job, or whether you’re starting a new business or have a contract dispute – you need 21st Century, cutting-edge legal representation dedicated to solving the problems plaguing a legal system that’s over 100 years old.



Even in the best of times, managing debt can be a challenge. Many struggle with debt and live in fear of collectors with their harassing tactics, wage garnishments, repossessions and foreclosures. Let Inman Kaminow P.C. advise you of your legal rights; provide you with cutting-edge solutions; and protect you from your creditors.

For a free consultation and to stop the distractions so you can focus on a fresh start, contact us for your free consultation.

Injury Law

Following an injury or death of a loved one attributed to someone else’s negligence, the quality of your life and your family’s may depend on the skill and experience of your attorney.

Widely respected as one of the top Personal Injury law firms in the region, we have successfully handled tens of thousands of injury claims through negotiation and settlement or litigation and trial. Call or email us to set up your free consultation.

Business Law

Businesses often face different legal issues at different stages of their growth. Before making any decision that could have negative legal ramifications, contact us for a free consultation.

Work Injuries

If you’ve been injured on the job, workers’ compensation cases can be very complicated. Virtually any injury stemming from a job related scenario should be explored for proper restitution to offset the impact on your life and that of your family.

You are not obligated to use an employer-provided attorney.

By law, your attorney will only be paid if they obtain cash benefits on your behalf. You have nothing more to lose, and perhaps much to gain. Schedule a free consultation today.

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